Personal Photos

Night Photography

Sunset to Sunrise offers so many opportunities with photography

Light Painting

I was recently introduced to light painting and am finding it to be a fascinating form of photography. The basic idea is to leave the shutter open for a long time (10 seconds to many minutes) while drawing in the air with flashlights (or other light sources - lighters, LED\'s, laser pointers, etc) as well as filling in background details and people with a flash or strobe unit.


Photos from various dives I\'ve done on scuba. Most of my diving has been off Maui, with a little from Oahu and the mainland.

Daytime Landscapes

Landscape photography is where I spend most of my time taking pictures - maybe because it doesn\'t move around a lot, so I have plenty of time to think about, frame and re-shoot each photo.


Macro, or close-up photography. While \'technically\' macro implies a 1:1 ratio, these are just \'close-up\' shots ... then again real \'photography\' requires film, and I shoot a \'digital imaging device\' (Digital camera) so, no, I am not being precise on my choice of words here...

Wa\'ahila Ridge