“EQUIPPING TEACHERS” now available Part 1

Over the past several years my Father, Dr. John Dekle who has been the state director for Child Evangelism Fellowship® for the past 33 years, has been working on his doctoral dissertation and I wanted to share it with you (he was happy to give permission to share it with you) – by the way, it was accepted and he became the first “Doctor” in our family about a year ago – the whole family is really proud of him, and I know God has plans to use this material and his years of experience to be a blessing to Christian teachers like you.

Links to the full document (196 pages), chapter 1 and chapter 2 may be found at the bottom of this article.

Chapter 1
is the introduction, really laying out the scope and objectives of the paper, as well as defining terms like “Spirituality”, which surprisingly has no agreed upon meaning, even amongst evangelical educators in America today, so this is a good place to start.

Chapter 2
begins by laying out what the Bible says about children and their spiritual needs as well as what God says He desires for them. In many ways as I came away from chapter 2 I had the sense of a battle cry going out to Sunday School teachers and Christian parents everywhere to take up the standard of Christ on behalf of the children who need to know Him and learn to live for Him.

Let me know how this book assists you in the call to children’s ministry God has for you – and I will pass along any words of encouragement to the Author.

May God bless your ministry to the Children He loves so dearly

Aloha, Tim

Equipping Teachers (complete document 196 pages)

Equipping Teachers (Contents & Chapter 1)

Equipping Teachers (Chapter 2)

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