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Various PowerPoint presentations for teacher training, classroom lessons, stories and various games – all free for use and sharing, the only stipulation is that you cannot charge someone for them – they must be freely shared by all.

Missionary Stories – Dr. Edward Todd

The one thing that stands out in my mind about Dr. Todd was the first conversation we ever had where asked me about my faith in Christ. More than anything else he wanted to make sure that every person he came into contact with heard the message of Salvation. Following his death in 1999 I […]

Lesson Preparation 1

Preparing the Bible lesson for your class is where you get to the real “meat and potatoes” of your class time. Without the Bible we would have nothing to offer in Sunday School, save platitudes without substance. The following download contains the PowerPoint presentations for both “Lesson Preparation: The Outline” and “Lesson Preparation: Application for […]

Evaluating – Part 1

If you work very long in the field of teaching you will soon find yourself in need of evaluating others, perhaps students or other teachers. The accompanying PowerPoint and worksheet may be downloaded with part 1 of the video here: Download Now This is part of the CEF® of Hawaii, CYIA® Leadership Candidate training. Aloha […]

The Value Of The Teacher PowerPoint

While I’ve not yet added any notes to this presentation, I did want to make it available for those interested in using it (as well as my students to whom I promised to make it available). Value of the Teacher PowerPoint download here. If the font used does not load properly I used a free […]

Leading a Child to Christ PowerPoint

The whole point of teaching Sunday School is that we may see God bring LIFE to our students who are spiritually dead in their sins.   Without this life, what else matters in life? But, once a child or adult, for that matter, has this life, EVERYTHING changes!  The first part of this PPT presentation […]

Power Point Review Games

Review is an important part of the learning process and as such here are three PowerPoint games provided free by Phillip Kenney of Denver, CO  for Sunday School teachers to use in their classrooms – There is no charge for them, just consider them a blessing to your ministry. Click Here To Download (200 mb) This is […]