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Lesson Preparation 1

Preparing the Bible lesson for your class is where you get to the real “meat and potatoes” of your class time. Without the Bible we would have nothing to offer in Sunday School, save platitudes without substance. The following download contains the PowerPoint presentations for both “Lesson Preparation: The Outline” and “Lesson Preparation: Application for […]

Lesson in Light

Recently a friend, Julia Wong, was gracious and creative enough to share a new style of Bible lesson with the children using “Light Painting” (Do a Google search for lots of amazing examples of this art form) While I was able to record her lesson, the recording quality is very poor due to too much […]

The Value Of The Teacher PowerPoint

While I’ve not yet added any notes to this presentation, I did want to make it available for those interested in using it (as well as my students to whom I promised to make it available). Value of the Teacher PowerPoint download here. If the font used does not load properly I used a free […]

The Vital Importance of Teaching them while they are Young

As a teacher, you are most likely familiar with James 3:1 “My brethren, be not many masters[teachers], knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” (KJV). Yet so often, and frequently due to the perceptions of education within local churches, the responsibility of teaching children falls to a new believer with little understanding of the scripture himself. And the younger the class the less experience is assumed to be necessary for the task assigned. Yet if we look, even briefly, at research related to children it becomes obvious that the task is a daunting one.

Leading a Child to Christ PowerPoint

The whole point of teaching Sunday School is that we may see God bring LIFE to our students who are spiritually dead in their sins.   Without this life, what else matters in life? But, once a child or adult, for that matter, has this life, EVERYTHING changes!  The first part of this PPT presentation […]