ALREADY GONE by Ham & Beecher

The subtitle of the book, “Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it”,  aptly describes its contents.

Already Gone

I’m sure you, like me, have seen far too many children grow up in your church, come from good Christian families, yet when they leave home they also say farewell to attending Church as well.  I can remember numerous discussions of this issue with friends and fellow teachers down thru the years, but all of our possible reasonings had a hollow ring to them.   When I finished this book I was pleased to realize it did not leave me with that “same” empty answer.

If I were to sum up the book in one word, it would be “relevance.” Based on research, Ken Ham and Britt Beemer lay out solid arguments for this being the root cause of children leaving.  They grow up hearing about the stories in the Bible, but those stories never take on reality in their lives.  There is a disconnect between the Bible and “reality” as our children see it.

While definitely my favorite book of the year on the subject of Christian Education, I found this book to be even better when read alongside TRANSFORMING CHILDREN INTO SPIRITUAL CHAMPIONS by George Barna.  It was as if these two books were two sides of the same coin – with Ham & Beecher outlining the problem with great clarity, and Barna looking more at the solution.

ALREADY GONE is available at the Answers in Genesis Bookstore or at Amazon for $10-$12 in paperback and is 176 pages of very interesting reading.

-Tim Dekle

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